Dylan Thomas Priest1

     Dylan Thomas Priest is the son of Dennis Frank Priest and Leslie Faye Goldberg.1 He married Tracy Brown before 2019 at USA.2

Children of Dylan Thomas Priest and Tracy Brown


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Frank L. Priest1


Child of Frank L. Priest


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Jordan Paige Priest1

     Jordan Paige Priest is the daughter of Dylan Thomas Priest and Tracy Brown.1


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Stephanie Michelle Priest1,2

Stephanie Priest (Provided by Facebook.com)
     Stephanie Michelle Priest is the daughter of Dennis Frank Priest and Leslie Faye Goldberg.1


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Becky Prince1

     Becky Prince is the daughter of Jerome Dorsey Prince and Bonnie Laine.1 She married Mike Conrad after 1988.


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Debbie Prince1

     Debbie Prince is the daughter of Jerome Dorsey Prince and Bonnie Laine.1 She married Greg Long circa 1985.

Children of Debbie Prince and Greg Long


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James D. Prince1,2

     James D. Prince married Marvolene Willingham, daughter of Thomas Orbie Willingham and Myrtie Laney, before 1943.1

Child of James D. Prince and Marvolene Willingham


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Jerome Dorsey Prince1

M, b. 3 March 1943, d. 20 May 2014
     Jerome Dorsey Prince also went by the name of Jerry.2 He was born on 3 March 1943 at Columbus, Muscogee County, Georgia.2 He was the son of James D. Prince and Marvolene Willingham.2 He married Bonnie Laine, daughter of Ester Clyde Laine Jr. and Juanita Dean Hessey, circa 1964 at USA.1,2 Jerome Dorsey Prince
March 3, 1943 – May 20, 2014

Jerome Dorsey Prince, 71, of Owens Cross Roads, gained his reward on Tuesday, May 20, 2014. He was born in Columbus, GA to James and Marvolene Prince. Jerry graduated from South Cobb High School in Mableton, GA and went on to earn his bachelors degree from Harding University in 1965.

He retired from Novartis Pharmaceuticals in 2005 and then began his second career as Business Manager for Advanced Obstetrics and Gynecology in Huntsville.
Jerry was an active member of Owens Cross Roads Church of Christ. He had a passion for sharing God’s word and for serving others; accomplishing the former with confidence and strength and the later with selflessness and humility.

Jerry is survived by his wife of 50 years, Bonnie; daughter Debbie Prince Long of Dallas, TX; son-in-law Greg Long; grandchildren David and Daniel; daughter Becky Prince Conrad of Owens Cross Roads, AL; son-in-law Mike Conrad; grandchildren Katy (Conrad) Millard, Morgan, Natalie, Michael and Jackson; brother Frank Prince of Alpharetta, GA.

The family will receive visitors on Thursday from 4:00PM – 7:00PM at New Hope Funeral Home, 2500 Oak Grove Road, New Hope, AL 35760. Services will be held on Friday, 2:00PM at Owens Cross Roads Church of Christ, 3229 Old HWY 431, Owens Cross Roads, AL 35763. Interment to follow at Maple Hill Cemetery in Huntsville. Memorial donations may be made to the Alzheimer’s Association, 117 Longwood Dr SE, Huntsville, AL 35801 or at http://www.alz.org.2 He died on 20 May 2014 at Madison County, Alabama, at age 71.2

Children of Jerome Dorsey Prince and Bonnie Laine


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Donna Jean Prindle1

F, b. 17 January 1920, d. 12 May 2006
     Donna Jean Prindle is no relation to this researcher except by distant marriage and divorce. However, the obituary and life story listed online was so fascinating I felt it must be included as an example of why we do genealogy research.

She was born on 17 January 1920 at Van Buren County, Michigan.1 She married Loral Darwin Bullard, son of Harry Norman Bullard and Beatrice V. Narragon, in July 1946 at Michigan.1 She died on 12 May 2006 at Kalamazoo, Kalamazoo County, Michigan, at age 86.1

Donna Fleming
January 17, 2006 - May 12, 2006
Sun City, AZ

Life Story / Obituary

In a fast-paced world where it seems as though life's daily hassles consume much of our time, so few are the people that really take the time to embrace the hearts of their family and friends and all of life's simple pleasures. Donna is one of those people who no matter what was happening around her, never forgot to bask in the joy of everyday life. Donna found so much happiness in being a mother, grandmother, wife, and friend, and never got so caught up in today that she forgot about all the days that came before. Whether it was a friend from long ago or a far away place in time, Donna always took the time to remember and, more importantly, to care.

Long before southwestern Michigan was dissected by highways and subdivisions and shopping malls covered the landscape, was a time when prairie grass grew far and wide and oak trees outnumbered people. At the dawn of the twentieth century, farming was the mainstay of these rural communities that began springing up across southern Lower Michigan. However, by January of 1920, Kalamazoo had grown into a bustling city and the nearby farmsteads were reaping the profits. Located just west of Kalamazoo is the rural town of Lawton, and this is where on January 17, 1920 in a farmhouse just south of town, Theron and Hilda (Knapp) Prindle proudly welcomed the birth of their daughter Donna Jean.

Donna was only nine years old when she and her family were faced with the enduring hardships and struggles of the depression era. Despite the turmoil that struck at the hearts of many American families, farm life provided a haven for the Prindle family. No matter what there was always food on the table, which at that time was more than most city dwellers could say. Growing up Donna admired her father, he was not only a provider for her and her siblings during difficult times, but he was also her hero. Donna's mother also worked hard at keeping the family afloat during these years. When gypsies camped out near the farm to steal the chickens, instead of getting angry, Hilda cooked extra food at dinnertime and placed meals on a blanket so that they would leave the chickens alone and not go hungry. Having a large barn with plenty of rafters was ideal for a very adventurous young Donna who loved to climb around in the hayloft. In the winters she remembered taking sleigh rides to visit her grandparents on the Prindle side, while summer vacations were spent on Gravel Lake at Streeter Beach. Even as she got older, she always looked back at her time on the farm with great fondness.

In 1937 Donna graduated from Lawton High School and enrolled at Hillsdale College. Shortly after she began taking classes, she was called home. One of her siblings had fallen ill and, with the added cost of care, Donna's parents couldn't bear the expense of having a child in college. With the arrival of the 1940s, Donna became a big fan of big band music, including swing, and dance crazes were all the rage. Donna liked attending dances of most any kind, and it was at one of these dances in nearby Kalamazoo that she met her first husband, Loral Bullard. In July of 1946 Donna and Loral made it official and took their vows in the city where they had met.

While living in Portage, Donna and Loral had two children a son, Scott, and a daughter, Hilye. As a new wife and mother, Donna stayed at home raising the children. Loral was an avid hunter and outdoorsman and she would often prepare meals with the bounty of his hunt. Donna was a whiz in the kitchen, not only could she turn fresh meat into a masterpiece, but she could also bake a fabulous cherry pie and her homemade caramel ice cream was sensational. In the summers the family would hit the road in their travel trailer, over the years vacationing in many different states. The Smokey Mountains was one of Donna's favorite spots and held a special place in her heart. Once the children entered school and she had more time her hands, she returned to her job at the Upjohn Co.

In the mid-1970s Donna and Loral decided to go their separate ways and, after almost 30 years of being a wife, Donna faced her new life as a single woman with courage. Dressed in white and looking quite stunning, Donna went to a singles dance at Parkview Hills. While at the dance, a man spilled his glass of red wine down the front of Donna's white outfit. Lucky for the man, whose name she discovered was Jim Fleming, she found him to be handsome and charming in addition to clumsy and a romance was kindled. After a few years of dating, Donna and Jim were hopelessly in love and ready to get married. After their wedding, the couple built a condo in Parkview Hills. In the mid-eighties, after a rewarding and illustrious 30-year career at Upjohn, Donna decided to retire and focus her sights on more leisurely pursuits like family and travel. The first big move after retirement came when she and Jim decided to spend their winters in the warm climate of Sun City, Arizona. One of the couple's favorite annual events was hitting Churchill Downs with a group of friends for a day of mint juleps, funny hats, and horse racing at the Kentucky Derby. While at home, Donna's hobby was sewing. She was an excellent seamstress and could make most anything with a needle and thread.

Donna was the type of woman who never forgot where she came from or the people she knew. If you had an open ear and a few hours to spare, Donna would not pass up the chance to tell you about her hometown of Lawton. Even as both times and people changed and years passed since her days in high school, she loved to go back and reminisce with old friends at her high school reunions. Whether you were a friend she met one year ago or fifty years ago, friendship was important to Donna and she maintained many special lifelong relationships.

Throughout her life, Donna was a member of the Order of the Eastern Star and she exemplified each of the principles that they value, "charity, truth and loving kindness." She was also a faithful attendee and devoted member of the Episcopal Church, in both Kalamazoo and Arizona. More than any organization or establishment, Donna most enjoyed being a member of a club open, by personal choice, to all women everywhere, and that was being a mother. The greatest day of her life was the day she became a mom. With endless rewards and no real disappointments, to Donna being a mother was her life's ambition, her greatest achievement, and her hearts one true delight. And, with grandchildren and great grandchildren, it is, perhaps, the only gift that never stops giving. Jim always called Donna "Sunshine" and it is a name that suited her well. Now with her passing, it is that same warm and loving personality which earned her this nickname that will continue to color the memories, brighten the days, and warm the hearts of all who knew her.

Donna P. Fleming, age 86, passed away May 12, 2006 at Bronson Methodist Hospital. Learn more about Donna, view her Life Story Film and share in an upbeat celebration of her life Wednesday 1:00 PM at the Life Story Funeral Home, Betzler & Thompson-Paw Paw, 60900 M-40. Interment of cremated remains will follow at Oak Grove Cemetery, Lawton, followed by a time of food and fellowship back at the funeral home. Donna was preceded in death by her husband James R. Fleming, a sister, Eunice (Prindle) Greenman and a brother, Roger Prindle. Surviving are a son, Scott Bullard of Waxahachie, TX, a daughter, Hilye Bullard of Galesburg, 5 grandchildren; Michelle, Kevin, Ryan, Ruthie, Randy, 2 great-grandchildren, 3 step-children; Stephanie (Bob) Glover of Las Vegas, NV, Kelli (Larry) Johnson and their 2 children of Williamsburg, VA, Michael Fleming and his 2 children of Durham, NC, one brother, Garth Prindle of Lawton, a very beloved sister-in-law, Jo Bullard of Kalamazoo, several nieces and nephews and many loved and cherished friends in Kalamazoo and Sun City, AZ. Please visit Donna's personal memory page at www.lifestorynet.com where you can archive a favorite memory, sign the guestbook, or view her Life Story Digital Film. Memorial contributions may be made to the Alzheimer's Association.1


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Nancy Lee Pringle1

F, b. 23 April 1930, d. 16 November 2009
     Nancy Lee Pringle was born on 23 April 1930 at Berwyn, Cook County, Illinois.1 She was the daughter of Oliver Pringle and Esther Unknown.1 She married John M. Willis before 1950. She died on 16 November 2009 at Albuquerque, Bernalillo County, New Mexico, at age 79.1 Nancy Lee Willis, 79, a long time resident of Albuquerque, passed away on Monday, November 16, 2009. Nancy was born on April 23, 1930 in Berwyn, IL, daughter of Oliver and Esther Pringle. She was preceded in death by her parents, her brother, and her husband of 42 years, John M. Willis. She is survived by her four children, Janie A. Willis of Albuquerque, Charles R. Willis and his wife, Kim, of Albuquerque, William O. Willis of Albuquerque, Barbara J. Opstedal of Tyler, TX; a sister and brother-in-law; Castle and Jean Jordan of Texas; 12 grandchildren, seven great-grandchildren, numerous nieces and nephews. The family wants to extend a special thanks to all the caretakers of Buena Vista Senior Care for taking such good care of mother for the last several years. A Celebration of Nancy's Life will be held on Friday, November 20, 2009, at French ~ Wyoming Chapel. Interment will follow at Santa Fe National Cemetery at 11:30 a.m. Friends and family may visit French ~ Wyoming location on Thursday, November 19, 2009, 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Please visit our online guestbook for Nancy at www.RememberTheirStory.com. French 7121 Wyoming Blvd. NE (505) 843-6333.1 She was buried on 20 November 2009 at Santa Fe, Santa Fe County, New Mexico.1


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