Ann Melisa Felts

F, b. circa 1856, d. circa 1952
     Ann Melisa Felts was born circa 1856. She married Reverend George Robert Milliken, son of George Franklin Milliken and Mary Susan Cate, circa 1880.1 She died circa 1952.

Child of Ann Melisa Felts and Reverend George Robert Milliken


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Bess Ferris1

     Bess Ferris married Edgar Dodd Brown, son of Capt. Andrew Jackson Brown and Edmonia Milliken, after 1895.1


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Shelly Jo Fields1

Bow Family
     Shelly Jo Fields is the daughter of Janie Marlene Bow.1 She married Patrick Anderson circa 2003.1


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Maude Marie Fike1

     Maude Marie Fike married Kai Albin Schneider, son of August Emil Schneider and Jorgine Marie Jorgensen, in August 1922 at Marion County, Indiana.1,2

Child of Maude Marie Fike and Kai Albin Schneider


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Dorene Finch1

F, b. 30 October 1914, d. 11 August 1967
     Dorene Finch was born on 30 October 1914 at Callahan County, Texas.1 Dorene attended Baird High School at Baird, Texas between 1930 and 1933.2 She married Edward Wallace Pike Sr., son of Walter Pike and Sarah Jane Fite, before 1947 at Texas.1 She died on 11 August 1967 at Howard County, Texas, at age 52.1,3 She was buried after 11 August 1967 at Baird, Callahan County, Texas.1

Child of Dorene Finch and Edward Wallace Pike Sr.


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Francis Jefferson Fite1

     Francis Jefferson Fite married Margaret Anne Milliken, daughter of James Turner Milliken and Mary Ann Kirk, after 1888.1

Child of Francis Jefferson Fite and Margaret Anne Milliken


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James Thurston Fite1

M, b. August 1908, d. July 1988
     James Thurston Fite was born in August 1908 at Hohenwald, Lewis County, Tennessee.1 He was the son of Francis Jefferson Fite and Margaret Anne Milliken.1 He married Bertha Bresbois, daughter of August Bresbois and Melvina M. Carroll, on 28 March 1931 at Tennessee.1 He died in July 1988 at Wyandotte, Wayne County, Michigan, at age 79.1

Sarah Jane Fite1

     Sarah Jane Fite married Walter Pike before 1890 at USA.

Child of Sarah Jane Fite and Walter Pike


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Ella Flemming1

     Ella Flemming married Charles Albert Rees, son of Charles Louis Rees and Julia M. Keston, on 31 August 1913 at Smith County, Arkansas.1


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Sarna Fletcher1

F, d. circa 1894
     Sarna Fletcher married Oscar Amos Milliken, son of William M. Milliken and Gilley A. Hartsfield, after 1880 at USA.1 She died circa 1894 at USA.1

Children of Sarna Fletcher and Oscar Amos Milliken


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